Wine Writing and Libation Photographs


A selection of articles and photographs from the past 10 years

The Norwich Bulletin

    A Question of Port

    Four Wines - Four Worlds

    The Sound of Music and Wine

    The Sinking of the Taittinger

    To Decant or Not to Decant

North East Magazine, Hartford Courant (with Prudence Sloane)


    A Snail Farm?

    Tapas &  Wine

   The Wine Cellar

   Three Ring Paella Circus

New England Wine Gazette

web site


    Holberg Orchards -  Apples & Pears, Cider & Wine 

    Organic, Biodynamic and Sustainable Practices

Seasons (with Prudence Sloane)

    The Front Porch

Connecticut Business Magazine (with Prudence Sloane)

    The Changing Face of Business Entertaining 


Hartford Magazine (with Prudence Sloane)


    Eating Healthy in Restaurants

   Eating Ice Cream

Decades (with Prudence Sloane)

    Tailgating USA

    Passport to CT wine country

Shoreline Times

    Organic Wine

    Passport to CT wine country

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